Small Business Twitter Basics

Are you planning on using Twitter for business? In today’s blog, I cover some of the small business Twitter basics to make your journey a lot simpler, and prepare you to become a pro at social media!

Small business twitter basics


If you’ve not decided whether Twitter for business is useful then read Paul Sangoo on the Linkedin Blog.

It has taken me a while to fully convert to Twitter mainly because at first, Facebook can appear more social.  Although once you realise that Twitter is easier to convert followers into contacts and generate leads, then you’ll be a follower (pun intended) for life!

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Small Business Twitter Basics

The following is a lingo guide.

It’s not entirely like learning a new language honest! 

1. Tweeting is another way of saying that you will send a message to another. Think of the saying ‘Google it’ meaning to search. Clever branding!

Twitter chats

2. The @ sign is used when you want to talk to another tweeter. If you don’t put this sign before their Twitter name, then your tweet will be directed at no one in particular.

3. A hashtag (#) is  used to find out what others are talking about.

Twitter Hashtags

4.  The letter combination RT is short for retweet.  It allows you to share what someone has said, and keeps them as the original source.

5. The #ff letter combinations with a hashtag means ‘follow Friday’ and are used to give a shout out to other tweeters.


6. Your followers are those that want to keep updated with you. In Facebook terms – fans.

7. Followers are the tweeters that you keep updated with.

8. DM is short for direct messaging meaning unlike tweeting them, only you and the receiver can see what’s being said.

9. A common thing you’ll see on twitter are trends. These trends will have hashtags (#) next to them and this means popular subjects that the people of Twitter are talking about.

Things to remember

• Everything is recorded and although easily deleted, chances are it’s been seen.

• You’ve only 140 characters to say what you want and that applies to a DM too.

• Tweets are kept short to encourage further business communication over phone, email or in person.

• No text talk although there are exceptions such as: biz, mgs, &, DM, RT and lol.

Basic Business Twitter Thoughts

There is a common misconception that to be successful on Twitter  it’s about having more followers than you follow.  This is entirely untrue as it’s not a popularity contest!

Whilst it is your aim to reach a large audience, it’s not a numbers game. It’s about concentrating on the quality of your interactions and nurturing your relationships.

Have you ever been to a networking event where you’ve been thrown a pitch, and then the person moves on without so much as  a goodbye?  I’ve seen this approach on Twitter too and it doesn’t go down well with fellow tweeties.  Tweeting your ‘pitch’ to a whole list of followers that you’ve never said hello to will not gain you followers.

I’ve learnt that being sold to is generally not our favourite thing. Yet when we have to endure it, we like it better with human interaction!

Hint : when tweeting about your business – for every product  update you must engage with up to 10 followers.

Join me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts about this article. I promise I won’t be testing you! 😉

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