Blogging Basics: The Power to Publish

Last weekend I had the pleasure of presenting at The North Wales Burlesque festival. I was there to explain to a range of creative professions some blogging basics. For the benefit of those that weren’t there, I’m going to briefly run through the presentation so that we can kick this month off with a blogging theme.

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Blogging & Burlesque – don’t let the title fool you…

Not of this post but my presentation. It was called blogging and burlesque. As I explained, blogging can be used for most sectors although some are easier to blog for especially what I deem as creative professions. In this I include, food, travel, leisure, fashion, cosmetic, entertainment, design and craft etc. These sectors are easier to blog for because they typically generate interesting and share-worthy content anyway which is half of the battle won!

What is a blog?

It’s been going since the 90’s and in internet terms it’s relatively new. A blog is your  little space on the world wide web where you can inform, persuade, educate and entertain readers. People became quick to adopt it as a personal hobby yet businesses have only been using it as an effective sales tool over the last 7-10 years.

Where do we blog?

Ideally on your website. A blog’s purpose is to hook a reader into what you do and believe in as a business. That said, there’s  lots of people who choose to use free versions of WordPress and Blogger which have just as much success. But ideally if you’re blogging for your business, it’s wise to include it on your site.

What are the benefits of blogging?

There’s so many but the obvious ones that come to mind are:

  • Makes a website interactive
  • Draws people towards your service
  • Enables you to stand out
  • Gives you a voice
  • Helps you to become a thought leader
  • Fosters trust
What do we blog about?

The most common question of all. Ideally, you’ll find out a bit more about customer profiling and apply this to your topics of interest. But if you’re just starting out, have a think about the following:

1. What are you interested in?
2. What are you selling?
3. What difficulties is your audience facing and how can you help?
4. What unique things are happening in your life and business?
5. What’s going on in your industry?

Content Ideas

These are some of ideas suggested in the presentation:

  • fashion – styling tips, accessory idesa, trend news.
  • lingerie  – corset care, sizing advice, bra fitting essentials.
  • photography – shoot preparation, posing advice.
  • burlesque performer or teacher – body confidence tips, costume making ideas, routine help.
  • activity company – laws of foraging, navigation basics, how to train as a walking instructor.
  • restaurant – cooking tips from the chef, special offers, new recipe ideas.

As you can see there are lots of potential topics. Have a search on what other people in your profession are writing about,  and scroll through the comments because it will inspire you further.

What you will struggle with….

  1. Tone of voice
  2. Writing style
  3. Topic Ideas

The good news is, we all do and the only way to succeed is to practice, practice, practice! So learn by example, seek out the thought leaders in your profession and be inspired by them. I’ll be covering these three factors throughout this month in more depth.

What not to do…

Copy – there is such thing as copyright even on the internet.
Slander – online slander can be used in a court of law.
Moan – try to keep it solution focused.
Spam – even the canned kind!

What to do…

  • Think of original content
  • Guest blog
  • Build relationships with readers and other bloggers
  • Blog often
  • Tell the world about your blog
  • Don’t just write for the sake of writing
  • Enjoy it
Blogging quotes

(c) Blogelina

And to finish I would say, we are lucky enough to have the power to publish right at our fingertips and we cannot and must not take that for granted. What do you want to be remembered for?


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