Blogging Basics : The Power of Storytelling

In this post, we will forget the technical details of blogging and begin our blogging basics with how storytelling within your brand can make you stand out in your market.


Storytelling for your brand

When I was younger, I would  listen to stories off my mother who would tell me about how my grandparents were great writers and went on to write a book and a screenplay. Sadly they never saw the fruits of their labour because back in the 1940’s, copyright wasn’t enforced as it is today.  And so my grandparent’s work was stolen and published.

As their family grew up they encouraged their children to become creative in a hope that one day, someone would become a published writer.  They had a florist, a costume designer and one even set their own cosmetic stall up. It was their eldest, my nan, who took an interest in writing , in particular children’s short stories. She was never published and she passed her talent on to my mum.

Then there’s me, not exactly a book writer but hearing this story through childhood inspired me to become a blogger. I often wonder what my grandparents would have thought about that, the internet, and the idea that publishing has become a lot easier.

I feel proud that in some way I got to fulfil my grandparents dreams and help many businesses who love the idea of writing  and content marketing yet don’t know where to begin.

What’s storytelling got to do with content marketing?

Everything. It’s been estimated that storytelling has been going for over 40,000 years! It’s been used in religion, history and politics to reinforce, persuade, interest, inform and educate.  We would be nowhere without storytelling. Stories evoke emotion, encourage motivation and it help us to get things done.

Storytelling is one of the main objectives in content marketing.  It’s the power to tell people who you and what you believe in. It’s a tool which helps you to attract the right type of customers to your business. Most importantly, it helps to create a community and in the online world, that’s a valuable thing. 

80% of people want brands to tell stories

How are you telling stories?

How you tell your story and what you say is up to you. But just remember, stories leave a lasting impression so you best make sure it’s the right one for you.  There are many ways to showcase your own story.  I personally like to use blogging as a way of storytelling because it’s as though you have your own book which you can publish at any time.

Blogging makes up a large portion of content marketing which is great news if you like to write and the fact it drives traffic to your website is a bonus.

Tips for storytelling

  • Less is most of the time more – don’t bombard your audience with the same story over and over again.
  • Find different ways to deliver it – text, videos & pictures.
  • Always give it a constructive ending – solution based marketing is always a winner.
  • It doesn’t have to be about you – think about how your customers can tell stories for you.

Storytelling and how the brain responds 

Remember content marketing has become so popular because it’s got a personal approach to it compared to marketing. Perhaps it could be suggested that content marketing has become crowded because businesses are keen to push out any story without real thought behind it.

The internet is a crowded place and finding credible and trusted stories are more challenging.

How is yours different?


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