Blogging Basics: Get a Lifestyle like a Lifestyle Blogger!

Ever wondered why lifestyle bloggers have a larger and interactive readership? In this post we’ll begin to understand why.

Social Media has Encouraged a Personal Element

First and foremost I’m an outdoor lifestyle blogger. I always have been and I always will be. And because of this I’ve seen the power that comes from getting personal with my audience. In this day and age, social media is super popular because it allows us to connect with people more intimately.  If you’re what I refer to as a heartfelt business: food, crafts, photography, cosmetic, fashion, garden, travel, events and so on, you could learn a lot from a lifestyle blogger who is not selling anything in particular other than their interests.

Give your business blog a lifestyle

With that in mind you may think I’m going back on my ethos of finding your niche and writing focused content but I’m not. In fact writing  about what interests your audience and not just about what your business sells,fits in nicely with my ethos.  Why? Well, your customers have a life, they’re real human beings and they connect with other real human beings too.

Think of it like this. How boring would it be if your friend went on about work constantly?  Or even those friends who have one hobby which has become an obsession and they don’t talk about anything else.

Variety is the spice of life!

Your blog should have a lifestyle of its own

Here’s the issue for most of us, we hate being sold to, we dislike being made to buy something when we’re told to. Content marketing is so popular because it’s a chance to show our audience how we can become part of their lifestyle too. 

When you’re online based business, you don’t have the advantage of the whole shopping experience. For example you may sell clothes. That’s a personal thing because most of us love to try them on to check if they fit, what they look and feel like etc.

As an example, an online clothing boutique can’t offer the whole shopping experience. It gets around this by inviting bloggers to test out and their clothes, giving potential customers great visuals and genuine opinions.

 Fashion bloggers in particular  have been a huge asset to companies because:

  1. They share similar audiences
  2. Bigger overall audience reach
  3. A chance to see why a blogger supports this particular company
  4. Makes great reading and share worthy content for either parties to promote

What do you mean by a lifestyle approach?

Gone are the days of a stuffy corporate business image although there is still a place for them in certain industries! Small ‘heartfelt’  businesses have the advantage of allowing their markets to get to know them and so this opens up many content ideas and opportunities.
Let’s face it, it’s not all about your business. And it’s not all about your customer. It’s a bit of both. A perfect marriage between the two of you. I’m certainly no stranger when it comes to making sure my content writing business has a lifestyle and I’m open it about it across all of my social media platforms.

However there’s always a connection and for me that’s the type of clients I want to work with. They are a reflection of my interests. Anything to do with photography, outdoor, adventure, crafts, environment, technology and education and I’ll tweet, pin, instagram and blog about it.

The real trick is showing your customers how your lifestyle can benefit theirs

For example, I’ve been working alongside Baby Bird Cafe. Katie the owner, came to one of my blogging courses and the two things she struggled with was a) what to write b) not sounding stupid (her words).

Her business is a cafe based in Oswestry high street and it specifically caters to families. She runs a whole host of community events and is what you would call a niched focused business. She encourages parents and mums in business to visit whilst their children play. She runs a whole host of things from baby yoga and dance etc.  First and foremost we had to understand what her customers may find helpful to read and so craft based posts, event announcements and anything that reinforced her niche was what we worked on first.

The two main objectives here are:

1. Content that promotes your products  and/or services indirectly

2. Content that’s from the heart and of interest to the audience and the business owner 

Take a look at the Baby Bird Blog and see how her lifestyle approach to her business blog helps to give a friendly, approachable and informative edge to her brand.

To sum it ALL up…

  • Remember it’s not all about what you sell
  • There should be a link between what you sell and what your customers are interested in
  • Aim to show how your business fits  in / improves a customer’s lifestyle

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