4 Powerful Lessons Learnt from Offfline Training

Some of you may know that I’m creating a new e-training platform called Mz Tech Savvy. It’s my aim to reach women in business that need to acquire digital skills to help their online businesses thrive.

I’m at the very early stages currently. I’ve a lot to do such as finding the right LMS WordPress system, sourcing trainers, developing courses and guidelines etc.  I’ve decided however that most of my courses available via the Mz Tech Savvy will be classed as blended learning whether that be through workshops, Skype coaching and so on.

I’m used to writing lots of training courses for my clients but I won’t go as far as saying I’m an expert because that’s impossible. I’d rather call myself a specialist in content writing for training courses.   However, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to running workshops as I’ve only been running them for around year and a half.  I’ve much to learn but  I see it as awesome practice for Mz Tech Savvy trainers and I. Ideally, I’d like to have a structure that my trainers can follow.

Recently, I hosted my first ever Mz Tech Savvy business blogging for beginners workshop in my local area of Oswestry.   It went really well and my learners seemed to have loved it! Big thumbs up to them.

Mz Tech Savvy blogging

So in today’s post, I’ve put together some of the lessons learnt with face-to-face training.

How to Train Effectively in 4 Powerful Lessons

Training Lesson #1 : Keep groups small

It’s always tempting to want bigger groups so that you can yield greater profits. However, you’ll soon realise that you can’t pay attention to the masses and someone will get left behind. Smaller groups make for easier learning, better interaction and happier students.

In the beginning I was confident that I could take 12 learners. After conducting a few workshops I now realise 6-8 is a far more sensible number.

Training Lesson #2: Promote the benefits

Adults need to know why they’ve taken time out of their busy lives to learn. Unlike children where it’s mandatory, adults learn because they choose to.

I can take a lot from when I write e-training because I’m always in the habit of including aims, objective and learning outcomes in each unit. I’ve also started doing this with face –to-face training.

Training Lesson #3: Outline the course contents briefly at the beginning

Adults love to know what they’re learning. I recently made a mistake of not outlining the course structure. This meant I had a lot of eager learners asking me if I was going to train them in X and Y.  Obviously, this takes up precious time!

Inform them what they’re going to be learning by giving them a handout so that they can refer to it. Make it as detailed as you can if you’ve any sub units.

Training Lesson #4: Provide breaks

It’s super easy to get lost in what you’re training and forget that the brain needs a break every 20 minutes. I’m currently keen on learning some energizing tasks to keep the group alert. Two techniques that I used in some of my workshops are a) throw a ball around the room and b) get them to switch chairs.

Sometimes when you’re pushed for time, breaks can be shortened or scrapped entirely. This is not good and makes for tired learners.

I’ve learnt so many training lessons which will no doubt inspire further blog posts. Trainers, I’m keen to hear your tips on face-to-face training so please feel free to share.

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